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Why I started the San Francisco HTML5 Game Developers Meetup group

Building a video game in the wild west of HTML5 programming is no easy task. I’ve had many difficult problems with my HTML5 game A Dragon Named Coal through¬†Clever Crow Games. How do you build a game CMS, distribute to several systems quickly, and find the resources you need to keep moving forward. Being involved in San Francisco’s Meetup.com scene I’ve met several other HTML5 game developers struggling with the same issues. To try and help unite these ¬†developers to create better games, I’ve started the San Francisco HTML5 Game Developers Meetup group.

Create HTML5 games with other professional game devs

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WebGL Game Geometry Destroyer

Creating 3D games with WebGL and HTML5 APIs isn’t an easy task. It requires matrix manipulation, communicating with graphics hardware, and a good understanding of OpenGL ES (mobile version of OpenGL). To try and make these concepts easy to understand, I created a game tutorial in my new book for HTML5 In Action called Geometry Destroyer. By clicking on the image below, you can play it right now.

Geometry Destroyer is a classic space shooter style game, written with JavaScript, HTML5 APIs, and WebGL

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WebGL for Internet Explorer (IE)

webgl for internet explorer

Looking to use WebGL for Internet Explorer? If so, you wont be able to without IEWebGL. This new library allows developers to support a majority of WebGL’s features in IE. Oddly, all major browsers except IE now support WebGL. Which begs the question “Why doesn’t IE support WebGL?” Since this is a complicated subject, I’ll sum everything up as briefly as I can.

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