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Video Game CMS Review: Articy Draft for Game Development

Managing characters stats, lore, story, dialogue, and other recurring video game components is quite a task. Even with popular game engines such as Unity 3D, Game Maker Pro, and RPG Maker all lack a robust solution to solve these issues. That’s where Articy: Draft comes into play its a full blown CMS for video game development. Below I’ve documented my findings on this software so you can figure out if its right for you or not.

A content management system for games.

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A* Pathfinding Algorithm

Over the past couple months I’ve spent most of my time working on a tile based game with gigantic fighting robots. Initially I tried to find movement tiles and paths with a brute force search. But it was quite buggy, instead I ended up using the A* (A Star) Pathfinding Algorithm for my tile game. To learn how it worked I built a fully interactive A* demo that you can play with.

A Star Pathfinding
View the interactive A* Pathfinding demo now.

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