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HTML5 Form Validation Fallback (without a library)

Currently HTML5 form validation doesn’t work in every modern browser. Chrome, Firefox, and IE all have beautiful error reporting, but we can’t say the same about Safari or iOS. Mac’s webkit based browsers display no error messages, nor do they prevent submissions when the form is invalid (see screenshot). The oddest part is Safari actually supports HTML5 form validation almost completely. In order to get things working we’ll teach you how to write an HTML5 form validation fallback that relies on CSS and a snippet of JavaScript.

Current state of HTML5 form validation out of the box. Everything works except Safari’s Webkit based browsers. Which is a huge deal since it leaves out iPhones and iPads. To view a demo of the fallback you’ll create click here

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Moving to full time game development

After a good run with my previous employer Tastemaker, I’ve decided to change careers. Instead of mass producing websites or maintaining a product, I’m stepping into game development / design full time and teaching development on the side. You might ask “Why would you go into games when there’s no money in it?” Let me try to answer that with a little story about my past.

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Half off my book HTML5 in Action

Today only (April 9th), Manning Publications is offering my book HTML5 in Action 50%. The book focuses on building HTML5 apps with JavaScript through various APIs. I wrote the chapters on visual APIs with Canvas, SVG, and WebGL that walk you through building retro game clones. Book is almost done, so this is a great time to get a copy before it lands on shelves.

Use code dotd0409au for 50% off

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Open Source Project Tips

My project for Canvas Prime was originally meant to be a simple HTML5 game framework that ran on Canvas. Shortly after releasing an early version it was featured on a gaming blog and started being used in my workplace. Traction was growing and it seemed like my new open source project would be a success. About a year and a half later everything has gone down the tube and the codebase is a mess. Although it was a failure, I learned a few lessons that will hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes.

A level editor for Canvas Prime that never made it

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JavaScript Easing Library – Simple Tween JS

One of the major components missing from my open source game engine has been a lightweight JavaScript easing library. If you aren’t familiar with easing, its used to create unique animation movement that feels lifelike and less robotic. There are general use libraries such as jQuery and completely dedicated JavaScript easing libraries that have the words Tweening in the title. While these tools are great, I found them to be too robust, slow, or undocumented. Because of this I’ve created a new lightweight open source library called Simple Tween JS.

Simple Tween JS is a lightweight open source JavaScript easing library at less than 200 lines of code. Complete documentation and the latest version can be found at the GitHub repo.

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