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A Star (*) Pathfinding Speech at SF HTML5 Developer Conference

One of the biggest frustrations with getting into AI, is understanding the basic algorithms. As most information sources out there expect you to already understand them. Inspired by my own struggles in AI, I gave an interactive demo explaining the A Star (*) Pathfinding Algorithm from the ground up.

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HTML5 contenteditable Backspace Bug Fix

When editing text in HTML5’s contenteditable attribute you probably need to have all of your content wrapped with <p> or <div> tags like so.

<p>My text</p>
<p>Another line of text</p>

The problem is if you do the following it will screw up your block formatting and dump in empty lines of text. Which is nasty formatting you don’t want and the cursor placement will start wacking out in your contenteditable area.

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JavaScript Anagram Generator

I take character development very seriously and love using anagrams. Problem is they are a pain to create without spending several hours combing through dictionaries, rewording names, and researching dead languages nobody speaks. I looked around for a free anagram research tool, but they were terrible (or for scrabble). Realizing I could write something to speed up my name research process, I created the JavaScript Anagram Generator app.

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