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Ashton Blue is a web developer in San Francisco who engages in helping its citizens, design meetings, fighting the occasional nemesis, and public speaking. He also has a noteworthy obsession with coffee...

WordPress Twenty Eleven Child Theme Shiv

twenty eleven child theme

WordPress’s Twenty Eleven child themes make great use of HTML5, but suffer from one particular flaw. They require you to hack apart functions hijacking your code in unexpected situations. Because of this, I’ve created a Twenty Eleven child theme shiv that removes all the extra junk, so you don’t have to worry about manually cleaning everything.

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A Blog for Web Development

After more than half a decade of web development experience, I’ve learned quite a bit. Especially after running 3 businesses, creating over 20 custom websites, and recently working on a book for Manning Publications about HTML5 APIs. While my experience is very little compared to some peers in the online development industry, I’ve learned how incredibly important it is to share what you’ve learned.

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