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Ashton Blue is a web developer in San Francisco who engages in helping its citizens, design meetings, fighting the occasional nemesis, and public speaking. He also has a noteworthy obsession with coffee...

HTML5 Canvas Presentation

A couple months back I put together a presentation on the HTML5 Canvas API. Its aimed at giving an introduction to developers with a very basic understanding of JavaScript. It includes links to live examples you can tinker with in-browser, so you can play with what you’re presented. A majority of the content comes from my upcoming book project HTML5 In Action.

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HTML5 Game Engine – Canvas Prime

Over the past couple months I’ve been working on an object oriented HTML5 game engine known as Canvas Prime. What makes it very different from all the other Canvas game engines, is  you can use simple hooks to significantly modify the engine on the fly. Want to rewrite collisions at the engines core? Use a hook. Want to rewrite the loading screen animation with the current load value? Use a hook. Want to add in WebGL models, could easily be done by adding in a couple hooks.

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The Perfect WordPress WYSIWYG Test Content

For a long time I’ve been searching for a perfect set of test content I could drop into any WordPress WYSIWYG. Reason being its a pain to go through and use every single TinyMCE item to test a theme. To make matters worse, you’ll need to upload a ton of images or reuse some multiple times. Because of these issues, I’ve created what I feel is the most efficient way to test out the WordPress WYSIWYG.

wordpress wysiwyg test content

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WebGL for Internet Explorer (IE)

webgl for internet explorer

Looking to use WebGL for Internet Explorer? If so, you wont be able to without IEWebGL. This new library allows developers to support a majority of WebGL’s features in IE. Oddly, all major browsers except IE now support WebGL. Which begs the question “Why doesn’t IE support WebGL?” Since this is a complicated subject, I’ll sum everything up as briefly as I can.

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Install Node.js on Windows

install node js windows

Tonight I was trying to install Node.js on Windows and couldn’t find any straightforward documentation. Reason is each new release of Node.js has multiple ways it can be setup. For instance, older versions required Cygwin and some people use a .exe file. None of these methods are optimal, so I’ve written a tutorial on how to install Node.js own Windows and test it in 6 steps with less than 10 minutes of your time.

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