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Ashton Blue is a web developer in San Francisco who engages in helping its citizens, design meetings, fighting the occasional nemesis, and public speaking. He also has a noteworthy obsession with coffee...

Video Game CMS Review: Articy Draft for Game Development

Managing characters stats, lore, story, dialogue, and other recurring video game components is quite a task. Even with popular game engines such as Unity 3D, Game Maker Pro, and RPG Maker all lack a robust solution to solve these issues. That’s where Articy: Draft comes into play its a full blown CMS for video game development. Below I’ve documented my findings on this software so you can figure out if its right for you or not.

A content management system for games.

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A* Pathfinding Algorithm

Over the past couple months I’ve spent most of my time working on a tile based game with gigantic fighting robots. Initially I tried to find movement tiles and paths with a brute force search. But it was quite buggy, instead I ended up using the A* (A Star) Pathfinding Algorithm for my tile game. To learn how it worked I built a fully interactive A* demo that you can play with.

A Star Pathfinding
View the interactive A* Pathfinding demo now.

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Half off my book HTML5 in Action

Today only (April 9th), Manning Publications is offering my book HTML5 in Action 50%. The book focuses on building HTML5 apps with JavaScript through various APIs. I wrote the chapters on visual APIs with Canvas, SVG, and WebGL that walk you through building retro game clones. Book is almost done, so this is a great time to get a copy before it lands on shelves.

Use code dotd0409au for 50% off

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Dark Side Game Jam – Project Nostos

For this year’s Dark Side Game Jam, a couple of friend’s and I created a 10 minute RPG called Nostos (available on Android). We chose the title nostos because its actually Greek for homecoming, particularly returning home from a long journey. The game places you in the seat of a commander who’s on a spaceship packed full of supplies for terraforming a dead planet. While playing you get to make various building choices in different scenarios. Depending upon what structures you choose, the game can pan out in different ways.

Dark Side Game Jam - Nostos
A terraforming RPG available for free on Android. Click image to download now.

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Open Source Project Tips

My project for Canvas Prime was originally meant to be a simple HTML5 game framework that ran on Canvas. Shortly after releasing an early version it was featured on a gaming blog and started being used in my workplace. Traction was growing and it seemed like my new open source project would be a success. About a year and a half later everything has gone down the tube and the codebase is a mess. Although it was a failure, I learned a few lessons that will hopefully prevent you from making the same mistakes.

A level editor for Canvas Prime that never made it

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