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MEAN Checklist: Example Application

Ever since I delved into TypeScript 2 years ago I’ve been intrigued by the idea of an application built on it from front-to-back. This idea isn’t that odd and many Angular 2+ seeds are already using this tech stack. The MEAN Checklist is an example app that demonstrates a full stack TypeScript application. It was written in one week and deployed through Heroku. While it isn’t perfect and has some rough Heroku integration due to timeline constraints, it’s a great example app for rolling your own full stack apps.

*NOTE*: Heroku’s free tier is pretty slow these days. It may take a minute or two for the app to initially load when it wakes up out of sleep mode. As Heroku puts apps in a sleep state if they haven’t been used recently.

Technology Highlights

  • Back-end
    • MongoDB
    • Passport
    • Express
    • TypeScript
    • Gulp
  • Front-end
    • Angular CLI
    • Bootstrap 4
    • Font Awesome
    • Moment.js
  • API Testing
    • Postman
    • Newman

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