JavaScript Anagram Generator

I take character development very seriously and love using anagrams. Problem is they are a pain to create without spending several hours combing through dictionaries, rewording names, and researching dead languages nobody speaks. I looked around for a free anagram research tool, but they were terrible (or for scrabble). Realizing I could write something to speed up my name research process, I created the JavaScript Anagram Generator app.

You can use my anagram app to quickly create unique names. It spits out a bit of gibberish, but it includes a favoriting tool and filter to narrow down results. As a reminder this was written in one day, so you may find some bugs. If you do please put them in a comment below.

If you think this is a cool and want to support further projects likes this. Please take a minute to hop over to my game company page Clever Crow Games and check out my upcoming game A Dragon Named Coal.

Also be sure to share with anybody you think will benefit from this (artists, writers, ect.)

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