Why I started the San Francisco HTML5 Game Developers Meetup group

Building a video game in the wild west of HTML5 programming is no easy task. I’ve had many difficult problems with my HTML5 game A Dragon Named Coal through Clever Crow Games. How do you build a game CMS, distribute to several systems quickly, and find the resources you need to keep moving forward. Being involved in San Francisco’s Meetup.com scene I’ve met several other HTML5 game developers struggling with the same issues. To try and help unite these  developers to create better games, I’ve started the San Francisco HTML5 Game Developers Meetup group.

Create HTML5 games with other professional game devs

Edit: As a heads up the group has hence been combined with my wife’s Meetup group SF Game Artists. As SF HTML5 Game Developers was successful, we felt that there is a larger interest for HTML5 games in the game art community atm.

Group Goals

The group is focused on sharing current projects to celebrate success and help others from making the same failures. We accept people with no programming knowledge (complete beginner) to veteran game developers. Courses will be offered on advanced subjects such as native compiling and choosing an HTML5 game engine. In addition the group can hopefully double as a platform to help everyone involved market their games.

How much can you help me?

How successful do I think this group will be? I solved two or three issues with native compiling by talking to another HTML5 dev I randomly met for 15 minutes. That was 15 minutes that saved me at least a day or two of programming work. Imagine how much we could learn from each other and help over a 1 hour session.

So what are you waiting for if you’re in San Francisco and like HTML5 games? Come join us and we’ll help you get started, solve your game dilemmas, or help you make better games.

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