HTML5 Game Engine – Canvas Prime

Over the past couple months I’ve been working on an object oriented HTML5 game engine known as Canvas Prime. What makes it very different from all the other Canvas game engines, is  you can use simple hooks to significantly modify the engine on the fly. Want to rewrite collisions at the engines core? Use a hook. Want to rewrite the loading screen animation with the current load value? Use a hook. Want to add in WebGL models, could easily be done by adding in a couple hooks.

Download Canvas Prime

Currently the engine is in alpha, but I’ve been developing it slowly. Main reason is I’ve been tweaking it a little more each time I have a Canvas project to tackle. If you’d like to see a very simple demo of the engine in action, check out Rectangle Wars. Its a work in progress, but we’ll update it as the engine comes along.

Canvas Prime Features

Right now Canvas Prime has a great set of basic features, but we have other plans for the future. For instance, due to the simple hook based format, you’ll be able to create plugins on the fly. Visit the download link and checkout the issues tab in GitHub for more info on features as some are currently in progress.

  • Optimized collision checking for fast performance
  • Many many hooks to re-write almost any of the engine without touching it
  • Built in OOP management of entities
  • Custom built keyboard, mouse, and sound library with Canvas games in mind
  • Open source licensed

Download Canvas Prime

Contribute to Canvas Prime

Currently I’m just one person with a very busy schedule. Which means its taking me a long time to complete Canvas Prime. Right now a few people are contributing their time to help build the engine faster. If you’re interested in helping us out drop me an email here.

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