New Game HTML5 Canvas Ricochet

I’ve decided to post an HTML5 game called Canvas Ricochet for my upcoming book. The game includes a score counter, progressive leveling, restart capabilities, collision detecting, and more. Click the image below to play now!

Click here to play HTML5 Canvas Ricochet

All assets were drawn exclusively with the Canvas API and no images are used except for the background. Because Canvas Ricochet relies so heavily on Canvas’ drawing abilities, the demo is primarily for Chrome. It should technically run in IE9, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers, but I can’t guarantee stability for them.

If you think the game is pretty awesome and want to know how I built it. I’ve created step by step instructions in my book HTML5 In Action. You can get a copy now (before it even comes out) from Manning’s MEAP program. If you don’t want to buy a copy you can pop open the source and figure everything out. As it uses a fairly straightforward design pattern.

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