WebGL for Internet Explorer (IE)

webgl for internet explorer

Looking to use WebGL for Internet Explorer? If so, you wont be able to without IEWebGL. This new library allows developers to support a majority of WebGL’s features in IE. Oddly, all major browsers except IE now support WebGL. Which begs the question “Why doesn’t IE support WebGL?” Since this is a complicated subject, I’ll sum everything up as briefly as I can.

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Internet Explorer’s Claims

Microsoft released a document stating that WebGL is “dangerous.” Their claims boast that it gives hackers an entryway to execute malicious code through graphics cards. If their claim is true, than any WebGL application could hack into or cook your computer. But, why would Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera integrate WebGL if its so dangerous?

Based upon Microsoft’s findings they won’t be supporting WebGL anytime soon. A lot of people were baffled their claims and seeds of doubt were planted about the new 3D standard. Browser vendors responded that they’ve taken extra security pre-cautions to prevent these potential security issues. In addition, almost all of IE’s claims have denied by various online security experts.

What The Experts Say

Personally I don’t buy Microsoft’s security claims and haven’t experienced a virus through a WebGL application. I scour through Google results on the subject, landing on not-so-legitamte websites with examples. If an issue really was present all of IE’s competing browsers would pull the plug on their support immediately. Which is actually what happened when people realized that Web Sockets can be hacked.

If you still don’t understand why IE hasn’t jumped on board you’re not alone. Then again, don’t forget that Microsoft has a lot of money invested in Direct X (OpenGL’s competitor).

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